Navigating through the GAPS™ Nutritional Protocol can be difficult, but a good finish begins with a good start! The “Before You Begin GAPS™” Checklist describes everything you will need to ensure a successful GAPS™ start!

This is more than a checklist, it is compilation of the various (and sometimes unusual) supplies you will need, as well as helpful hints on planning ahead. Once you have an overview of everything needed, and have assembled all your supplies, you will be in a much better place to pick a start date to begin your healing with the GAPS™ diet.

Although this checklist is a wonderful document to get you started, it is still a long way from a comprehensive tool. Remember, everyone is a bio-individual, and each person will progress through the nutritional protocol at a different pace. You may still need the guidance of a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner to help with further education, local resources, practical issues and targeted supplementation.

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