Kris GustafsonOriginally from the North Shore of Chicago, and after more than a few moves around the Upper Midwest, I now call a suburb of Minneapolis home. I am a wife to a very supportive husband and a mom to three wonderful kids. If that doesn’t keep me busy enough, I am a home educator as well as a small business owner. I still try to make as much time as I can to enjoy friends and family, even though it’s sometimes challenging. Whether biking or hiking, I love being outdoors. Sometimes it feels good to be active, but other times it’s nice to sit with a friend that needs a shoulder, a cup of tea, and a listening ear. It’s a busy life, but each day has its rewards.

My former career as an elementary education teacher shed light on not only how the education system works, but its strengths and weaknesses while it shutterstock_124469239attempted to meet the needs of special needs children. Although school districts provide many wonderful programs for children, the one area that is neglected the most is dietary intervention. Our family’s need for dietary intervention, coupled with my love and passion for helping children, led me down the path of holistic health.

My journey as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner started with my search for answers for my own children. At that time, there were very few resources and even fewer answers. It was usually only after a long day and the kids went to bed that I could begin my daily research. Eventually, I found one piece of information, then another, then a little more until, finally, I had all the pieces of the puzzle.

Nourished from WIthinAfter struggling so hard to find answers and being so thrilled over the results of a nutrient dense, whole food diet, as well as the GAPS™ Nutritional Protocol, I had to help others. There were so many individuals, parents, and especially children that were hurting. I needed to help. I was determined to help. So in 2009 I started Abundant Life Nutrition. It has been my joy and pleasure to have helped people from infancy to age 92. Although most of my clients saw healing with nutritional therapy, the GAPS™ Nutritional Protocol has been so instrumental with so many of my clients, that I have made it my specialty. In fact, the importance of digestive health inspired me to change my company name to Nourished from Within.

My business isn’t just healing, my business is supporting and educating. It’s providing hope, and more importantly, a plan for those people whom have been told there is nothing more that they can do. But there is. Perhaps you are an adult with an ailment you just can’t seem to beat or a parent with a special needs child that you love so very much and wish to help, but just don’t know where to turn. I urge you to call. It’s free and it’s casual – a time for you to share your challenges, and for me to provide you some direction.

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