Whether you have no direction, need help getting started, or you just need advice on a journey already started, Nourished from Within can help!


Kris Portrait 2 - Work With Me PageOne-on-one consulting provides you and your family with an individualized plan.

Certainly, the person in need of healing should be considered a bio-individual, but I realize that parents and family members are individuals as well – with different jobs, responsibilities, pressures and lifestyles. Working one-on-one allows me to meet you and your family where you are at. Although personal information is often shared during classes, one-on-one consulting offers you more privacy, an individualized pace, as well as the opportunity for real-time questions, answers and support! TELL ME MORE!


Once we have scheduled our appointment, I will email you three forms: a 3-day food journal, the Client Health Questionnaire, and a link to an online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. This will provide me with some empirical information to get us started and to make our time together more productive.

Our first session lasts approximately 2-2 ½ hours. During this time we will have the opportunity for questions and answers, simple and non-invasive functional testing, and time for education. We will then review the resources that I provide for you, and then agree on an acceptable plan of action to ensure your success.


Happy family cooking togetherOne of the advantages of working with me as a nutritional therapist practitioner is that you are considered to be a bio-individual. This means that no two people are exactly alike, so neither are their protocols.

That being said, it is important to schedule follow-up visits to review your progress. Follow-up visits allow us to address your concerns and questions you are sure to have along the way. We will also use this time to implement or modify dietary and lifestyle changes, detoxification strategies, and supplementation protocols. We will also continue to review and modify your plan.

Follow-up consultations are usually scheduled 2-3 weeks apart, but as you see progress, we may agree that they can be scheduled further apart.

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